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We offer more than 50 blends of hand-crafted teas and spices, while constantly developing new delicious options for our customers.
Royale Tea Company, formerly Royale Tea House
“I realized that very few tea brewers & spice traders were knowledgeable about both the unique flavors possible utilizing pure ingredients as well as the delicious & authentic spices available today.  We create amazing flavors that everyone can experience. I have spent the past 31 years creating tea brews and unique culinary spices. My blends have been tested & re-tested to ensure their full flavor & authenticity. I believe that perfection takes time & I only offer the best which I have created for my customers.”
-Blend Master


  1. When using Yun Wu tea, how many cups before it starts working?

  2. When will you have the woodpecker tea back in stock? Also what tea would you recommend for fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, tremors, and migraines?

  3. Sorry for the late answers everyone. We have been at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival and have not been in town. We will personally emailed those of you who have asked specific questions on or blog if we haven't done so already. We try to make sure to answer any and all questions you may have. Thank you for all of your support Yarrr!
    The Captain
    Royale Tea Company